During the winter of 2014, Johnson-Melloh installed a 485-ton water-cooled high efficiency centrifugal chiller utilizing magnetic bearing VFD technology for Kite Realty at Glendale Mall in Indianapolis and here is why.

Problem: Glendale mall had been converted from a traditional enclosed shopping mall to an outdoor shopping area and was being serviced by two oversized 800-ton chillers rated at .6KW/ton.

Because of the lower floor space and because some of the tenants had installed their own HVAC systems, the new peak load for the chiller was approximately 600 tons. The building operators determined that up to 85% of the time, the building load was no greater than 485 tons.

JM Solution: We assessed the property and equipment being utilized then recommended installation of 485-ton chiller with VFD which provided a much more efficient solution with:

  • A much better match, we installed a 485-ton chiller in place of the existing 800-ton chillers to handle the building’s load
  • A VFD on the new chiller enabled the facility to exactly match the building load while increasing the part load efficiency from .562 kW/ton to .321 kW/ton. This is an increase in efficiency of more than 54%

This resulted in:

  • Estimated energy savings expressed on the custom rebate application was $66,360 per year
  • Actual first year utility savings based on data from IPL company show an energy savings of over $71,000
  • Custom application resulted in a rebate of $54,700
  • Simple payback on project less than 3 years

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