Johnson-Melloh is a company that provides operation and maintenance solutions for utility, commercial, and residential solar and lighting assets. We are a growing company of professionals with a focus on customer satisfaction. Company integrity is our focus with core values consisting of Hard Work, Education and Employee Success. This is what drives our passion to perform.

Johnson-Melloh Facility Services

With more than 40 years experience, the Johnson-Melloh Companies combine to offer mechanical electrical contracting, solar/alternative energy innovation, and design-build self performance to commercial businesses, schools, and residential customers throughout the state of Indiana, and beyond. With this experience and a skilled staff of professionals, we now offer facility services packages to customers in need of a proactive set of services focused on the operation, maintenance and preventative measures to maximize solar array systems as well as associated generation equipment.

Continuous education for our technicians ensures that the services rendered are the best available for your facility’s needs. We are up-to-date on the ever-changing technology and we have the experience necessary, with several manufacturers of string and central inverters which results in reduced service times for efficient successful outcomes.

Custom Service Packages

Regardless of the size and scope of your facility, Johnson-Melloh Facility Services will customize a service package that fits based on environment, equipment used, array size or other facility needs. Contact us to review your assets, and customize a service plan for you.

Full-Service Testing

Our Full-Service Testing services includes testing on modules, wiring, combiners, string and central inverter systems. Additionally, we work with contractors for medium to high-voltage conductors, switchgear and transformer testing.

One-Stop Electrical Field Support

With our own in-house electrical engineers have experience in the field. With this, we are your “One-Stop-Shop” for support and service in the field.

ResponsePlus – Systems Monitoring

With our own in-house monitoring of customer sites, we can ensure the quickest response times to potential problems. Many times, we can address issues even before they become larger problems.

Facility Landscape & Maintenance

With our own fleet of mowing and landscaping equipment, we are a full-service provider for your facility backed by the knowledge and experience of engineering and installation for a full-circle of services.