Who We Are

Johnson-Melloh is a vertically integrated design, engineer, build and service solutions firm with a wide variety of facility maintenance and retrofit capabilities. Johnson-Melloh has evolved from a traditional mechanical contracting firm to a consultative facilities maintenance services firm that engineers, procures, and constructs mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to maximize efficiency and harvest energy and operational cost savings for customers. Approximately 80% of the Company’s revenue is derived from government / school mandated energy savings programs or private sector energy savings initiatives. Johnson-Melloh performs work on both project and retained service provider bases, and has successfully executed a number of energy performance contracting projects for customers.


The Company serves a broad variety of end markets in performance contracting, contractual maintenance and individual project capacities. Johnson-Melloh’s breadth of service offerings, customer service and thorough knowledge of available rebates and tax incentives available to customers set the Company apart from smaller mechanical contracting firms or multinational firms focused on larger projects and customers.

Johnson-Melloh is comprised of Johnson-Melloh, Inc. (“JMI”), Johnson-Melloh Solutions, Inc. (“JMS”), JEM Energy, LLC, Energy Solutions by JMS, LLC and Bulldog Energy LLC Although the individual entities work closely together, the companies have been split by design. as certain JMS customers may require outside mechanical contractors to work alongside JMS on a given project. Johnson-Melloh’s ability to be flexible in this regard provides a competitive advantage versus certain competing firms who are less flexible in their ability or desire to work with third party firms. Bulldog Energy, LLC, Energy Solutions by JMS, LLC and JEM Energy, LLC have been created to house certain solar power assets and the Company’s compressed natural gas assets, respectively.


Johnson-Melloh, Inc., founded in 1976, is a LEED-accredited provider of preventative maintenance and on-call mechanical services for a wide variety of refrigeration, process piping, HVAC, plumbing and other applications. JMI serves a wide range of end markets including K-12 schools, universities, government, hospitals, industrial, commercial and biomedical.


Johnson-Melloh Solutions, Inc., founded in 2009, is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) with a focus renewable and alternative energy which helps clients determine and enact their alternative energy needs to hedge against traditional energy costs. JMS designs and builds solar photovoltaic systems, solar heating systems as well as biomass- and wind-powered energy storage and transfer solutions. Additionally, JMS provides energy efficient mechanical system upgrades, building automation systems, water conservation systems, energy analyses, compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facilities, and other renewable / sustainable design and build energy projects. JMS typically leads the sales and engineering effort on projects which are often subcontracted to JMI.


  • Energy Solutionsby JMS is a subsidiary of JMS designated to hold certain solar power contracts, which are typically 15 years in length.


For certain contracts, solar power generation equipment is owned by Energy Solutions by JMS, LLC, which then receives feed in tariff revenue for electricity produced by the equipment.


For other contracts, solar power generation equipment is leased from Energy Solutions by JMS, LLC by solar power consumers. During the term of the lease, these customers receive the benefit of generating power on-site to reduce overall power consumption and related expenses. Upon the termination of a leasing contract, equipment is bought by the solar power consumer, returned to Energy Solutions by JMS, LLC, or re-leased.


Bulldog Energy, LLC, like Energy Solutions by JMS, LLC, is an entity formed to hold certain solar power contracts, which are typically 15 years in length.   All contracts held by Bulldog Energy, LLC are for customers in which Bulldog, LLC owns the solar power generation equipment and leases space from land owners and in turn receives proceeds for electricity sold to utilities. Upon the termination of a leasing contract, equipment is bought by the solar power consumer, returned to Bulldog Energy, LLC


JEM Energy, LLC is a is a new entity formed to hold the assets of a compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station at the Company’s headquarters location, which is be available for public use. The Company currently operates a separate CNG facility dedicated solely to the Johnson-Melloh fleet.