Johnson_Melloh_Mechanical_Cathedral_IndianapolisWhen Cathedral High School, Indianapolis Needed a High-Efficiency Mechanical Upgrade, Johnson-Melloh Mechanical Delivered…

Demolition. Installation. Energy and Operational Savings of more than $100,000 Annually.

Cathedral High School in Indianapolis knew it was time to upgrade their mechanicals and when they were ready, they called on Johnson-Melloh Mechanical to do the job.

Demolition included removal of all steam equipment in the boiler room. This included everything from boilers to pumps and domestic hot water. Additionally, we removed the existing chiller and demolished all steam-related piping running throughout and under Kelly Hall as well as the Auditorium.

This was just the beginning of a thorough demolition and upgrade that included high-efficiency equipment to heat, cool and even light the facility. After all, every office, classroom, corridor and restroom formerly being controlled by steam-related equipment are now more comfortable, more efficient and more conducive for learning with new, high-efficiency mechanicals. And the best part, Cathedral High School will now realize more than $100,000 in annual Energy and Operational Savings.

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