Why Johnson-Melloh’s Automatic Snow & Ice Melt?

The initial investment in our turnkey ASIM system has been proven to make healthcare, nursing homes, heliports, corporate facilities, churches, and many more commercial and public facilities safer for use by vehicles and pedestrians during the winter months. Risks including litigation, property damage and delays in production can be alleviated.  See our video 
Cost Savings
During the winter months, imagine the snow and ice melting  before it has a chance to accumulate. This translates to no plowing or shoveling. It means there is no need for salt use which means your concrete, asphalt and paver surfaces will look better, and last longer! See our video
Toxic Salinity and the Environment
Did you know that the salt used on roads and highways has become an environmental concern? The concern is Toxic Salinity, and it is compromising our soils (our plant life), and our water! With this, it has impacted the living organisms that rely on nutrients from these resources. See our video